Risky Business News Flash #35

Someone just hacked into the car I was taking for a test drive and caused me to slam into the police car in front of me – OUCH. I was “with a friend” looking head-in-the-sandthrough a dating website when we noticed his profile was completely altered, he was receiving strange calls and strange texts on his cell phone. OOPS. My uncle has a scheduled surgery this week for a new state of the art pacemaker. Will it be a secure device? I wonder what the 12 month warranty states – HMMM. It seems that every single day that we wake up, we see various postings on LinkedIn, read stories about another phishing attack, or receive a threat feed from a partner alerting us to particular events.

We can’t bury our heads in the sand any longer! We live in a world of over 7,125,000,000 people all with some type of identity. According to the 2014 Breach Level Index report by Gemalto, 1,023,108,267 records were breached and it only came from 1,541 incidents. This marks a 78% surge in the number of personal data records compromised compared to 2013.

When I ask, “What wakes you up in the morning” I want to know your top-of-mind thoughts, issues, concerns, goals and problems. The top six answers to this question are:

  1. Threat Intelligence – What are the hackers saying about my company underground, and how do I know when they may be planning an attack?
  2. Third Party Vendor Risk – I have a program in place but I am not sure if it meets best or leading practices. There must be a solution to help me manage this without costing a fortune.
  3. Security Awareness – How do I work with others in my company to move from the once a year training, to a more holistic awareness program?
  4. Security Analytics – How do I arrive at a simple state of security view when I have complex security controls, multiple compliance requirements and distributed risk mitigation responsibilities? What is my current State of Security?
  5. Single Sign On – We are up to our eyeballs in password resets and managing so many different applications and passwords. Is there an affordable solution for me?
  6. SSAE 16 – What is this and how can I effectively use this to my advantage? Is there a real ROI on this type of audit other than, in some cases, the fact that I have to do it?

By focusing on your questions, I am able to listen and then discuss how we can provide results.

We are here to help.

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