breaches-everywhereOn May 27, 2015 I put my fingers on my keyboard and wanted to write a blog posting about the coming 100 days of summer. I thought about how many reported breaches and reported records would find their way in front of our eyes.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, as of May 19, 2015 there were 304 REPORTED breaches with 101,858,356 REPORTED records breached.

Jump ahead to July 28, 2015 – What A Difference 70 Days Makes!

  1. We have had an additional 146 Reported Breaches in these 70 days
  2. We have had an additional 33, 399,321 Reported Records Breached in these 70 days
  3. Medical / Healthcare accounted for 78.0 % of the Reported Records Breached
  4. Government / Military accounted for 20.7 % of the Reported Records Breached
  5. In total 450 Reported Breaches and 135,257,677 Reported Records Breached
  6. Nation States, Rogue Individuals, Insiders who have crossed the line, etc.

Individually we are a drop of water, together we are the ocean. None of us have the answer but collectively we do. We must continue to work together to solve this problem.

ITRC Breach Report July 2015