breaches-everywhereIn a previous post back in May, I wanted to write about cyber security breaches and discuss how many would take place over the 100 days of summer.  Okay I got close, the statistics from ID spans the days between May 19, 2015 and September 8, 2015 (112 days of summer).

The numbers are funny but the data is interesting.  Funny because for the vast majority of the Banking / Credit / Financial breaches, the actual number of records breached are unknown, so that drives the total records breached down, way down, as you will see when you open and review the report.

  • May 19th – 304 Reported Breaches and 101,858,356 Reported Records Breached
  • September 8th – 541 Reported Breaches and 140,092,146 Reported Records Breached
  • The difference – 237 additional breaches and 38,233,790 Reported Records Breached [Read more…]