Professional Services

Breach Disclosure Management

We work with you to address compliance issues and ensure you implement the proper policies and procedures to minimize future risk.

Business Continuity Management

Weather the requirement is Disaster Recovery, Business Resilience or an entire comprehensive Business Continuity Plan at the end of the day it must be executable or it is worthless. If the need is to test, enhance or build from scratch our team can deliver.

Compliance Frameworks

Our methodology enables us to not only help you adopt an integrated approach towards compliance but also allows us to assist you in taking a data-centric view of protecting critical information. Our integrated risk and compliance management framework addresses governance, risk and compliance for assuring security as well as privacy of information throughout its lifecycle, from creation, processing, storage, and transfer, to archival and disposal. We not only assist you with testing and implementing controls but also with strategizing and exploring control rationalization options.

Data Flow Analysis & Assessment

Our approach to address business alignment is to go to the business and understand how the data ingress, processing storage and egress happen. We call this process as data flow assessment (DFA). We perform the DFA by interviewing business process representatives across various departments and locations to identify the ’real’ flow of data and authorized transactions.

Data Incident Analytics

We assist organizations identify potential data breaches and manage them. We also assist in fine-tuning and optimization of the data leakage prevention technology implementations to reduce false positives. Our expertise in this area can prove valuable for continuous vigilance, which is vital to building a culture of data protection within your organization.

Data Protection Framework

We assess your data protection needs and develop an effective data classification strategy and policy. We analyze your critical data to identify, who owns it, who creates it, how it is used, and how it is shared. Based on an assessment of risks, we help you deploy appropriate security and data protection technologies such as data leakage prevention (DLP), information/digital/enterprise rights management (IRM/ERM), and database access monitoring (DAM) tools.

IAM Architecture Design

This service is designed to establish a detailed blueprint of the solution design to weed out technology unknowns, before starting the solution implementation thereby mitigating project risk and expediting the go live.

IAM Governance Framework

This service offering has been designed to establish the governance foundation of an IAM program. Under this program we help define business policies and procedures to be automated by IDAM and to manage the IDAM system. The deliverables also include a governance charter including roles and responsibilities framework for various IAM stakeholders.

IAM Readiness & Roadmap

A service offering that helps our clients plan their IAM investments in line with this business requirements and ROI. Our consultants provide a recommendation of which services to rollout at what timeframe via a roadmap for IAM program. This service, additionally reveals the level of organizations preparedness (technical, operations and project management) for an IAM program and methods to plug the gaps for each stage in the IAM roadmap.

IAM Technology & Product Selection

We provide a technology neutral approach to establish custom made benchmark for evaluating IAM technology based on your own business needs and goals. This custom made benchmark is then used to evaluate technology and product options. We also provides technology demonstrations, self-guided demos, and proof of concept pilot deployments.

Incident Management

We know how to blend the secret ingredients together: skilled people, coupled with the right tools, to both constantly monitor, detect, and response to skilled adversaries. We can help with designing, implementing and running such a capability, and uniquely link that with our advanced threat intel and threat ops () to give you your best shot at stopping Advanced Persistent Threats in their tracks.

Policy & Procedures

Clear and effective information technology policies ensure the best chance of adoption by your employees and contractors. When written effectively, these policies provide clear guidelines and set the proper expectations to ensure that the human factor isn’t your weakest link.

Remediation Services

It’s not enough to just merely identify the problem. It has to be fixed to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Since we have the necessary resources to complement your every security need, we’re able to keep your efforts focused while providing you with as much or as little consultative expertise as you need.

Security IT Audits

When the Chief Audit Executive or head of IT Audit requires specialized assistance from an IT Auditor who understands information security, audit principles and methodologies, we step in. Regardless of the requirements, we have performed audits as related to people, process and technologies.

Security Awareness

Our team has decades of experience in developing and implementing impactful security awareness programs and services. All of our programs and services are holistic in nature, based in behavioral science and customized for your needs.

Security Frameworks Implementation

There are many security frameworks that are talked about today, some of the more popular ones that we have helped implement are PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and NIST SP 800-53. Whatever the framework is that you are looking for assistance with, our team has likely assessed and implemented them across multiple industries in order to help ensure a streamlined and secure environment.

 Technical Services

Access Governance Services

This offering helps design and deploy solutions to measure and mitigate access risk across distributed business systems. The solution offering also provides capability to periodically review access and build executive IAM dashboards, without going through long and tedious application integration cycles.

Access Management & SSO

Solutions designed to provide enhanced security while making it easy for users to access the applications and systems. Solutions help eliminate multiple application access channels by establishing one multipurpose identity for all linked access.

Architecture and Engineering

We offer the teams of specialists with extensive experience breaking, as well as building components and infrastructure that intimately understand how to design such systems securely. We have the breadth of skill and knowledge to be able to help you build business cases, design secure architectures, and assist with implementing secure hardware and software systems, protocols, and infrastructure, however demanding the domain your organization operates in is.

Containment Testing

Behavior under attack is a crucial consideration: do your controls and processes react the way they should, under attack? The only way to know for certain how long you can hold your attackers outside your perimeter or away from your most important assets, is to test for it. This testing should be performed on your organization as a whole, to understand how your mitigations work together, as well as on individual mitigations to find out how long they will withstand an attack themselves and protect what they're meant to protect.

Digital Identity Management

This offering helps design, deploy and manage solutions to streamline digital identity lifecycle processes by automating creation, modification, and removal of digital identifies within the enterprise or cloud. The solution offering enhances security posture, reduced cost of lost productivity and increases while making access control more responsive for end users and customers.

Data Protection Service

What we delvier to you provides a comprehensive data protection services that works across the data lifecycle. This framework provides a complete offering that includes designing of data-centric policies, data classification, data flow analysis, fine-tuning, consequence management and tools like data loss prevention (DLP), information rights management (IRM/ERM) etc. to ensure effective data protection.

Forensic Investigation

Whether it’s a security breach, user error, hardware crash, litigation support, or other forensic investigation, we have the right tools, experience, and expertise to return your world to normal. We always do it with minimal interruption to your workflow. Moreover, we help you make sense of the madness and reduce the likelihood of it happening again.

IAM Enhancements & Optimizations

These services are designed projects to help ensure that the IAM systems continue to adapt in line with your changing business requirements. The services help introduce new functionality in the existing IAM system as and when required by the business.

IAM Incident Resolution

These sustenance services help clients with manage existing IAM deployments by offering ready capability for troubleshooting, short term resolution, bug fixes, SLA driven support and liaison with OEM vendor for resolution and patches. The services enables providing the business users a reliable and error free IAM system.

IAM Operations & Evolution

These service offerings are designed to provide IAM operations and define an enhancement roadmap for the IAM system. The services ensures a reliable IAM system that also keeps up with changing business needs. The service allows flexible delivery models including on-demand execution, on premise execution or hybrid round the clock execution.

Identity Intelligence

These services provide identity dashboards highlighting key metrics and anomalies in user access management process and activities across the enterprise, cloud and mobile realms.

Privileged Identity Management

These services help design and deploy solutions to bring in accountability for shared and administrative access while increasing operational efficiency. Our solutions empower security leaders to comply with regulations and best practice for managing administrative access and prevent insider breach by power users without introducing restriction or bottlenecks. The solutions scale to address the needs for a small server room to large global data centers.

SDLC Review & Design

We help organizations identify and protect application data by building a security framework, security design patterns and secure development of respective controls within the application. The proper requirement gathering translates into effective design strategies and development of secure software for the organization.

Secure Code Review and Fix

We review the software code to identify security vulnerabilities. Threat modeling document is used as a base to perform code review. Software is reviewed to identify vulnerabilities which could help attacker to realize the listed threats. A combination of automated and manual review is performed to identify vulnerabilities.

Ubiquitous Identity

These solutions address the challenge of managing digital identity in a unified converged manner for the enterprise, cloud, social and mobile realms. It directly provides ease of use while enhancing your security posture in a connected world.

Vulnerability Assessment & Pen Testing

During a series of controlled tests, our trained and experienced consultants and certified ethical hackers use the same tools and techniques a criminal hacker would use to inflict harm on your network infrastructure and applications. The testing can be scheduled, or performed unexpectedly to more accurately simulate a real-world attack.

 Managed Services

Database IDS Management

Onsite or Remote management of Database Intrusion Detection System (i.e. SQL Injection and related). This service could include writing custom signatures for Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and/or Database Activity Monitors (DAMs) for prevention of detected malicious traffic.

Large Business Custom Security Managed Services

Security engineering, including ongoing management and maintenance of Security tools and products (i.e. WAFs, DAMs, DLP, Network Discovery and Mapping, IDS, IPS, Database IDS, etc.)

M & A Security Portal

Online portal used to monitor and manage third party assessments including Mergers and Acquisitions, partners, vendors, etc. This portal would include security questionnaires, security scans, network mapping and other features.

Managed Firewalls

Let our security engineers manage your Firewalls for you.

Managed RedSeal, Sky High, FireMon

We will manage, maintain and provide frequent reports showing network changes, risk, exposure, including pivot attacks. If Target had utilized this service they would have known about the risk they were exposed to their HVAC vendor and could have remedied this risk. This provides ongoing network change management review by a trusted third party.

Managed Remote Forensics Service

We can monitor, alert and manage our Forensic tools remotely at our Secure SOC. This will allow us to alert on changed files (File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)). We can also complete any eDiscovery on any system from our Secure Management Console. We can detect new executions and alert upon zero-day activity on nearly all systems including embedded POS systems.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Fully managed vulnerability scanning. This can be external scanning, internal scanning. This can be completed on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual scheduling.

Self Assessment Questionnaire Portal

A security portal which includes a questionnaire portal and a management dashboard.

Small Business & Merchants

Full Managed service offering for Small Business, Small Merchants, etc. Full list of services is included on our website.

Vendor Security Assessment Portal

Online portal used to monitor and manage third party assessments including Mergers and Acquisitions, partners, vendors, etc. This portal would include security questionnaires, security scans, network mapping and other features.

 Special Services

AppSec On Demand

The AppScan Center of Excellence allows clients to utilize our domain experience with secure software development and application security along with the strong expertise of IBM Security AppScan suite of products.

Archer COE

RSA Archer Center of Excellence (CoE) brings together a global team of experienced and certified RSA Archer professionals, efficient delivery methodologies, state of the art delivery center and a set of well-defined processes.

Court Expert Witness

We use proven methods and proper chain of custody procedures to identify and compile all relevant supporting information to serve as evidence in a court of law.

EI3PA Assessments

If your business transmits, stores, processes, or provides consumer credit data from Experian, then you are subject to an EI3PA (Experian Independent Third Party Assessment, and you must have a 3rd party QSA company perform an assessment.

Enhancement Factory - IBM Security Platform

Enhancement Factory, you get what you need for success: custom-fit security solutions that fit your business along with the strength and robustness of a standard security software platform from IBM. Our expert developers build enhancements over the IBM platform, adding features that meet your company’s specific security requirements.

HIPAA HITECH Assessments

Due to the wide-range of HIPAA and HITECH regulations, compliance requires a comprehensive effort by the entire organization. These efforts include the development of internal policies, training, and auditing of both personnel and practices.

Intelligence Services

We have extensive knowledge and experience with threat intelligence gathering and analysis, and provides operational intelligence support as well as counter intelligence services to a number of organizations, both on an on-­‐going basis, and in certain situations, providing stand-­-by operational support to assist with high priority situations.

Intense Incident Response Training & Certification

We offer an immersive two week training program that focuses on both class room training an real world scenario training with our fully deployable field lab. More peple understand that it is no longer a matter of "if" it is a matter of "when" a breach will occure and the Board of Directors want to ensure everyone is ready.

Interim CISO

The CIO/CISO needs to understand not only the nature of your business but also how to ensure IT systems perform optimally in a secure and cost effective manner. We have placed Interim CISOs in both small and large clients and can ensure that they have "been there done that" in the role before.

Litigation Support

We serve as your strategic partner and litigation support manager, walking you through each step of the discovery process to control costs and maximize efficiencies. Our expert project managers work with you to understand your needs and tackle each case with a common sense approach; doing what’s necessary to accomplish your team’s economic and strategic goals.


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires organizations that store, process, or transmit payment card data to comply in order to protect cardholder data (CHD). Why not work with the company tat provides this service to some of the largest companies in the world?

Phishing Diagnostic & Awareness Training

Understanding how the Human Firewall, your employees and those that have access to your critical data react to phishing and social engineering attacks are critical today. Using a cloud based phishing diagnostic solution coupled with customized security awareness will reduce the number of incidents as related to these attacks.

Red Team Testing

Our Red Team assessments provide clients with a 'real world' test of their environment that individual assessments cannot be provide. Attackers do not focus on one specific area of your organization to achieve their goals, instead any and all possible avenues are investigated including cyber, physical, and social attacks.

Security Analytics & Reporting Platform

Analytics & Visualizations beyond SIEM/SA, helping security leaders see through the reporting fog and focus on what is critical.

SSAE 16 Assessments

Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16 (SSAE 16). At its core, an SSAE 16 audit is a means through which your organization can demonstrate the levels you go to protect the sensitive data of your customers and we will delvier this service with your auditing firm or bring the entire team to you.

TG3/TR39 Audits

The TR-39 and / or VISA PIN audits provide a report on a business’ controls regarding PIN-based transactions. The audit looks at encryption, key management, and key protection. This can include asymmetric and symmetric encryption controls, key inventory and ceremony, datacenter inspection, HSMs, Point of Sale systems, and physical safes.

Visa PIN Audits

From Subject Matter Experts (SME) for logging, encryption, or tokenization, to working with PCI gaps, we offer the best service in the industry. Many of our customers utilize PCI consulting services annually or semi-annually to meet their deadlines and objectives and avoid unnecessary fines for non-compliance. Let us be your experts on VISA PIN compliance.

Virtual Security Office

Our VSO team consists of trained, certified and experienced set of people who have been involved in governing, driving, managing, implementing and sustaining information security initiatives across multiple domains and industry verticals. Our consistent service methodologies provide our team with a comprehensive repeatable delivery framework and standardized practices that help us deliver optimum value to our clients.

Value Added Reseller for 20+ security products

Alert Logic, RedSeal Networks, Imperva, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, McAfee/Intel, Mandiant/Fire Eye, Guidance Software, Cytec, Tripwire, DB Networks, Alien Vault, Paramount Defenses, Securonix, Juniper Networks, GFI Software, Duo Security, HP/Fortify, Rapid 7
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