security breachAfter my 112 Days of Summer article, I of course wanted to check on how many additional breaches were REPORTED and how many records were EXPOSED.  I knew it would be bad, like not flossing your teeth regularly and showing up at the dentist knowing what he would say. So I went to the Identify Theft Resource website and clicked on the Summary of 2015 Reported Breaches and there was that damn drill, staring me in the face. I knew the pain would be bad but OUCH!!!

  • September 8, 2015 – The number of REPORTED Breaches were 514 and the number of EXPOSED Records was 140,092,146.
  • October 21, 2015 – The number of REPORTED Breaches were 620 and the number of EXPOSED Records were 175,260,066.
  • The Math – In 43 Days we have had an additional:
    • 106 REPORTED Breaches
    • 35,433,920 records EXPOSED

I attended two information security conferences this week in New York City. Someone said at each conference that at least 90% of all breaches are the result of phishing.

What do you believe is the root of most of the breaches?  Your answers are relevant to our community.

Breach Summary Report October 21, 2015