Connecting clients that require assistance with building and maintaining sound information security and risk programs with a few leading information security services and product firms


Kispert Group works with security start up and well established companies as a member of the board of advisors or board of directors


Kispert Group delivers motivational presentations in the areas of professional development, winning relationships and achieving goals


Karl has earned the title “trusted advisor” by many of his professional relationships and now he seeks to earn that title from you. What if one person was able to deliver the very best information security professional services company to you?
Today there are so many professional services companies promising everything to anyone who has a signed purchase order, just to realize at the end of the day they cannot deliver what they promised. There is so much noise in our industry from so many companies it is difficult to understand and realize who might be telling the truth. Kispert Group was launched to respond to a need in the market. Karl found over the years that prospects and clients were frustrated that a professional services company could deliver only a few of the services needed. Often times the Big 4 were the only ones that provided nearly every service but today many companies have Big 4 fatigue. Karl can bring nearly every service and solution to your doorstep by representing some of the leading risk services and product companies as well as information security providers.